1st at the PKRA in Hainan

Nov 7, 2013 by Alex Pastor    No Comments    Posted under: Competitions, News



This was the most irrelevant PKRA of the year for me so far, as I already won the title on the last one, but believe it or not, it was my second best feeling of the year. To be honest, 3rd place in Pingtan, just after I got the title, made me feel a bit bad as it seemed to me that I was gonna go downhill for the rest of the season once I’ve lost the motivation for winning. It’s crazy but the opposite is what went on my mind, the more you win, the more you want to win.

I started the first day with a great heat on the first round, then another in the second, posting the highest scores of the day. Then I went up on the seminfinal against Liam, the toughest heat so far, and when I had to keep it up, I had my worst heat of the whole comp… So I lost and went to the loosers final against Marc, luckily I got that heat at least to secure 3rd place on the singles and making it a bit easier for a comeback.

I was feeling already pretty upset for my 3rd place. The world title I won two weeks ago didn’t matter anymore…

So I woke up with a lot of energy on the next day, with the mind set to win the competition. I know it wasn’t gonna be easy because I would have to win four heats in a row against the top 3 riders in the world and that also makes you really tired, so I went for it heat by heat and it all worked out, I could not believe I made such a comeback beating Marc, Christophe and Liam who were shredding lately! Best feeling ever! Now back to think about the next comp!


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